Monday, 16 May 2011



“There are other sheep which belong to me that are not in this sheep pen. I must bring them, too; they will listen to my voice, and they will become one flock with one shepherd.” 
 John 10:16

We were invited to dine at a pricey restaurant. Our nine-year-old daughter, Mac, asked me why there was only one table occupied. I raised my shoulders and gave her a blank stare. It was also my first time to dine in that place so I had no idea.
Since Mac was hungry she immediately ordered spaghetti. She assumed that spaghetti was the easiest to order and prepare. She was surprised when the waiter asked her what type of pasta, sauce, side dish and meatballs she wanted.
Mac pulled me aside as the waiter left our table. “Now I know why only a few eat here,” she said in her soft voice. “The food is expensive and it’s too hard to order.” Sometimes, we evangelize like those waiters in a pricey restaurant. We make it difficult for the person we want to invite. We recite to them all the Bible verses we know or tell them how big our community is. We show them all the pasta combinations but all our friend wants is a simple dish.
Evangelization is a lot of work. But it can be more effective if we let others experience God’s love through us first.
by Alvin Fabella (

Prepare a list of persons you want to evangelize. Pray over them every day and take specific actions to show them God’s love.

Lord, help me to keep things simple, especially when I’m sharing the Good News with others

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